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Saint Lambert Choral Society (SCSL)

Please find below the SCSL’s policy concerning the protection of personal information.

The SCSL collects personal information directly from choristers and suppliers who are hired by the SCSL. We collect, use and store personal information solely for the following purposes::

  • As part of communications to choristers regarding rehearsals, concerts or other SCSL activities;
  • In order to prepare tax slips as required by tax laws;
  • To prepare tax-deductible donation receipts;
  • In order to execute contracts with suppliers, musicians, singers or other subcontractors who work for the SCSL;
  • In order to write grant applications to municipal or provincial authorities.

SCSL implements appropriate and reasonable security measures to protect personal information against loss or theft, and against access, disclosure, copying, use or modification not authorized by law. Only members of the Board of Directors who absolutely must have access to personal information as part of their duties are authorized to access it. Persons who are members of the SCSL or who work on its behalf must, in particular, make reasonable efforts to minimize the risk of unintentional disclosure of personal information and take special precautions to ensure that personal information is not monitored, overheard , viewed or lost.

Certain technologies, such as cookies, are used on our website to improve your browsing experience. A cookie is a small piece of data that our website can transmit to your browser and which may then be stored on your hard drive to allow us to recognize you when you return. These cookies help us optimize and personalize our website for you and future visitors to our website.

This privacy policy may be updated periodically. The revised Privacy Policy will be posted on the Website.

The person responsible for the protection of personal information for the SCSL and who ensures compliance with this policy is Jean-Jacques Grill. He can be reached at the following contact details [email protected].

1 Personal information is any information which concerns a natural person and which allows them to be identified. For example, personal information includes: a person’s name and date of birth, social insurance number, credit card number, health insurance number, medical or financial information, a person’s name and their home telephone number, a person’s name and email address, a person’s name and home address

This policy comes into effect on November 30, 2023.

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