Our micro-concert in 3D

Carried out during the greatest confinement

Text by Louise Rousseau
Video by Jean-Marc Létourneau

Saturday, 5 September, 2020
Photograph by Isabelle Dubuc

Our 3D micro-concert

An extract from Handel’s Messiah, with soprano Rihab Chaieb. This is what united and consoled us during this surreal springtime, when COVID-19 plunged the entire planet into great disarray.


Hours of work

Ninety hours of editing to produce this short extract of 2 min 52 s. A huge amount of work for producer Jean-Marc Létourneau who created, especially for us, this impressive virtual cathedral in 3D. Images designed with infinite patience, thanks to three different software programs.

Thank you

Thank you to our conductor Xavier Brossard-Ménard, who has stayed the course throughout this maelstrom, thank you to our faithful choristers, thank you to our rehearsal pianist Benjamin Kwong, and a special thank you to Jean-Marc Létourneau, a pro who allowed us to present to you this mini-concert which has united us forever.

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